Welcome to the ChopChop Cooking Club

We invite you to join the (free!) ChopChop Cooking Club and pledge to cook dinner together once a month. Each month, you’ll get a delicious new recipe in your inbox. We’ll all be making the same recipe that month, learning different essential cooking skills along the way. Each challenge will also come with how-tos, shopping and storage tips, fun activities, and conversation starters.

Once you complete each challenge, you’ll upload a picture of your meal to receive a virtual badge.  Badges will celebrate the different cooking skills learned in each recipe, such as whisking, roasting, mixing, measuring, and grating.

We’ll issue new challenges at the start of each month. If you master the original recipe and want an additional challenge, we’ll give you variations and more difficult recipes to test your kitchen skills.

Who’s in the Club?

Kids and families like you! Most Club members will be kids ages 5-12 and their families. Adults who are just learning to cook are also welcome to join.

The cherry on top!

After finishing six challenges, you’ll be automatically eligible to win prizes. Keep earning your badges, and check back soon for our next prize announcement!

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